Strengthening procedure

As discussed, the main concept of the method is to apply confining forces around the corners along its sides. A simple procedure is developed to make such forces using steel sections (Angles and Plates) and threaded bars. The main steps when applying the proposed technique can be summarized as follows:

A plurality of elongated members having sufficient length and made from a material of good strength and proper ductility arranged around the element to be strengthened to confine it. These elongated members have a shape of angles when the cross-section of the element is a rectangular and plates when the cross-section of the element is circular. For rectangular sections, steel angles with suitable cross section are cut and placed at the corners of the column.

Means for applying pre-determined confining pressure is performed through the elongated members described in the above step. This confining pressure is applied by means of a pressure casing exerting confinement action on the element to be strengthened. The pressure encasing is placed over the angles at which threaded bars are inserted and tightened with nuts.

Lacing plates with suitable section and dimensions are putted and welded carefully to the angles. The pressure encasing is then removed after the hardening of welding leaving the lacing plates to keep the pressure.

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Applications of MST

Retrofitting of RC columns

Field work

Strengthening R/C Beams

Strengthening R/C Columns

Strengthening procedure

Theoretical Bases


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