Strengthening R/C Beams

Low strength Beams

Normal strength Beams

High strength Beams

Philosophy of the Method

Fixing the external strengthening reinforcement into the concrete by applying permanent stresses to the reinforcement in the two directions perpendicular to the beam axis by a mechanical means and without the use of any chemical adhesives.


 Advantages of the Method

  • The method increases the static axial load and ductility capacity and reduces the transverse strains.

  • The method is economic as it reduces the strengthening costs and time

  • The increase of beam weight is so small.

  • Using this method avoids large dimensions of the reinforced concrete jacket.

  • The method can be applied to new or existing buildings.

  • The achieved strength of the strengthened elements is attained instantly.

  • The confining stresses used fixes the flexural and shear plates along the beam side so that the beams and plates act as a single unit.

  • The confining stresses also prevents local buckling and beeling that may take place during the load application.


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Applications of MST

Retrofitting of RC columns

Field work

Strengthening R/C Beams

Strengthening R/C Columns

Strengthening procedure

Theoretical Bases


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